All The Solutions To Your Requirements
We offers a wide range of equipment racks to suit a variety of requirements. COM-RACK gives you the advantages of having Choice, Versatility, and Performance.

All The Flexibility You Need
COM-RACK’s comprehensive range of accessories makes it a convenient one-stop procurement centre. And with its flexible size and multiple accessories options, COM-RACK offers almost unlimited possibilities of combinations.
  • COM-RACK 19” Equipment Rack
    Whether fully welded or khocked down, sturdy construction, ease-of-use and long-lasting quality are the hallmarks of COM-RACK. So you can have complete peace of mind.

  • COM-RACK 19” Open Bay Rack
    Featuring a rugged, easy-access assembly with vertical cable management

  • COM-RACK 19” Wall-Mounting Rack
    Cost effective and space-saving solution for storing small equipments

  • Custom Designed Consoles
    Various configuration options are available and a full range of accessories provides a whole spectrum of customisation options.

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